Re: Storage of Frozen Sections!

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From:Jamie Erickson <>,
Date:Wed, 09 Jun 1999 15:59:22 -0400

            For most if not all my Immunohistochemistry (IHC)   I section tissue on to slides then fix in cold -20 degrees C  Acetone for 1 minute usually at -20, then air dry and box, wrap in foil and place at -20 if I have space if not store at -80. When needed I let slides come to room temp then when nice and dry I fix in acetone again for 10 minutes, air dry and precede with IHC. This works with all antibodies I have used Monkey, Rat, Mouse, and Rabbit. 

Jamie Erickson

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     Good Morning Histonetters!  Does anyone have experience with storage of
sectioned frozen tissue???  In the past I have only sectioned tissue that I
would immunostain immediately.  Currently my boss is concerned with losing
tissue each time that I would re-trim a block; thus he prefers that I section
approximately 20 slides at a time per block and store the slides for subsequent
immunohistochemical staining (to be performed ASAP).  I consulted one book which
suggested that fixed slides could be stored at -70 C if dessicated!  Any
opinions or experience in this matter???  Thank you very much in advance!

Jennifer Hoover
Transplantation Biology
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Summit, NJ


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