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From:Phyllis Davie <>
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Date:Mon, 07 Jun 1999 19:34:41 -0700
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  Your Mel-A antibody is probably Melan-A, which is also known as MART-1 
gene product.  Melan-A is produced in 80-100% of melanomas.  (It is also 
positive in adrenal cortical tumors.)  It is available from NovoCastra 
(distributed in the USA by Vector Laboratories), catalog # NCL-MelanA.  
It is likely also available from other sources, but that is the one I use 
(clone A103).

  The other new melanoma antibody is likely tyrosinase.  Tyrosinase is a 
copper-containing metalloglycoprotein that catalyzes several steps in the 
melanin pigment biosynthetic pathway; the hydroxylation of tyrosine to 
L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylaline (dopa), and the subsequent oxidation of dopa 
to dopaquinone.  Tyrosinase is present in normal and activated 
melanocytes, as well as in melanomas.  This antibody is available from 
NeoMarkers (a.k.a. Lab Vision) catalog # MS-800-P.  Clone T311.  There 
may be others, this is the one I use.


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