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From:David Brocato <>
To:HistoNet Server <>
Date:Thu, 10 Jun 1999 08:11:55 -0500
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I was unaware I was sending an enclosure with my message.  I was just
sending a regular message from my winstation.  Could you please tell me how
I could use the standard signature method for signing my e-mail messages?
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To: David Brocato <>
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 1999 7:29 AM

> Please do not send ENCLOSURES!!!!!!  -- This is usually the result of
using a
> vcard or wincard electronic business card and having it as an inclosure,
> pleasue use the standard signature method for signing your email messages.
> thanks
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> While I usually remain silent and observe and read, I feel compelled to
> my little oratory here!
> I have been in the Histology field for about 12 years, only recently
> an HT, thanks in part to my asking stupid questions! (Thanks to Shirley
> and Carol McCollough for their perseverance and guidance!)  I also have a
> and am reasonably intelligent.  The great thinkers of our time got to be
so by
> asking questions, some intelligent and provocative, and others not so.
> indeed, some of the questions addressed in this wonderful forum are a bit
> redundant from time to time, I have found the exchange of information to
> stimulating and interesting, and I always seem to obtain a new spin or
> of view on (perhaps) an old question.  As a result, the quality of my work
> greatly improved, and I have developed a deep respect for those who have
> in the field since BC (before cryostats).  So, if any questions seem
> or STUPID, there's a little button on the keyboard called DELETE!  May I
> suggest to use it vigorously, rather than reek(sp) havoc with other
> psyche, with a sharp tongue and a dull mind!
> Let us remember that IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient or one's capacity
> learn, and not to waste valuable time in unnecessary criticism, but to
> add to our knowledge!
> Thanks for allowing me to vent!  I'll just go back to my corner
> now......................
> Dave
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