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From:Patricia Karlisch <>,
Date:Tue, 01 Jun 1999 13:37:04 -0400
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Anyone in the field of histology or cytology knows that there are products out there that are particularly good and those that are less than perfect.  Histology is still a hands on, labor intensive field, dependent on products and supplies that work well.  Only our own histonetters are familiar with products that work well consistently,  especially in high volume situations.  I personally am very happy to know that so many people have recommended Richard Allan for their Signature series glass coverslips.  I can now go and try the series and make up my own mind.  It is a starting point not a sales pitch.  In addition, we will try our Fisher and Allegiance brand (which are less expensive) as well.  This is a professional internet with knowledgeable and experienced people.   Thank goodness I don't have to order from dozens of companies--I don't have the time or the expense to do so.   
Pat Karlisch

>>> "Ford M. Royer" <> 06/01 12:07 PM >>>
This, along with the coverslipper question, sounds like someone is using the
Histonet to conduct a free competitive marketing survey for their commercial
company.  Doesn't Scott Taft work for Ventana/RMC?  Is this proper "Netiquette"?

Ford Royer/Minneapolis MN
(by the way, I work for Analytical Instruments)

"Sebree Linda A." wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> We use both blades but I much prefer AccuEdge.  I tend to get thick and
> thinning with Duraedge even after adjusting the angle.
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> > Histonetters,
> >
> > If you had the choice between using DuraEdge blades, (HP or LP), or
> > AccuEdge blades, which would you choose and why?
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> > Thanks,
> > Scott Taft/Tucson AZ
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