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Date:Sat, 12 Jun 1999 13:07:30 -0400 (EDT)
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I have a GREAT protocol for the modified trichrome one-step.  I hope you like 
it.  We think it is great.  


Formalin fixed
Paraffin embedded tissue
Cut sections at 4 microns

1.  Hydrate tissue to water
2.  Heat bouins solution in microwave for 20 sec. 
3.  Place slides in warm bouin's for 5 min. 
4.  Rinse in tap water until yellow fades (rinse gently for approx. 2 min.)
5.  Mix equal parts of Weigert's A&B (20 ml each) and place in a plastic
      coplain jar. 
6.  Place slides in weigert's for 10 min.
7.  Rinse slides under LIGHTLY  RUNNING tap water for 10 min.
8.  Pour on and then off (quickly) with biebrich scarlett solution (one-step  
      doesn't have enough red)
9.  Place in one-step solution for 23 min.  (we let it set at room temp. to
      slightly warm starting at the begining of the procedure so it will have 
      to become room temp. as much as possible.)
10.  Rinse in 3 changes of deionized water
11.  Place in 0.5% acidic acid solution for 2 min. 
12.  Dehydrate, clear and mount.  

Good luck.  I hope you like this.  

	Jeanie Wade, H.T.(ASCP)
	Pathology Associates of Tyler
	Tyler, TX

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