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From:Mequita Praet <>
Date:Tue, 15 Jun 1999 18:46:16 -0400
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Hi Lori,
Just a side note to your message to Mike. Janice Presnell revised Ms Humason's
Animal Tissue Techniques. It is available through the John Hopkins University
Press. Janice and Ms Humason were great friends. Ms. Humason was very pleased
Janice was doing the book.
Mequita Praet wrote:

> Mike and all-
> The trichrome method that I use is similar, with identical results, but does't
> use any hematoxylin. I do think I will add this step though! It is out of
> Humanson's "Animal Tissue Technique's". The method is the Milligan Trichrome
> Stain (1946). If you don't have this reference, I'd be happy to FAX you a copy
> of the procedure.
> Lori Miller
> Dear all,
> I,m trying to source a modified Trichrome reference for the technique I'll
> outline below. I will most likely be inaccurate in timing  or even sequence
> of steps, as it is twenty years since I've used it and even then all we had
> on our method cards was a hand written  procedure without reference. It is
> my intention to investigate this and other methods with emphasis on
> sucesssful mordanting. If you recognise it could you please advise me of a
> reference be it text or Journal.  Because use is made of Gomori's one step
> Trichrome solution, I suspect that this procedure only appeared after 1950.
> If you have any personal experience, your comments would also be greatly
> appreciated as I believe it was capricious in inexperienced hands, at least
> mine were at the time.
> Name of Method:- unknown.
> Fixation:- Any.
> Technique:-
> 1) Take sections to water.
> 2) Mix 1 part 10% HCl in Absolute alcohol with 2-3 parts 3% Potassium
> Dichromate, and flood sections for 10-15 mins.
> 3) Rinse briefly with water. Mix equal parts of Weigert's A&B and flood
> section for 6-10mins.
> 4)Briefly rinse with 80% alcohol then water.
> 5)Flood sections with Picro-Orange G for 3-5mins.(Formula now unknown)
> 6)Rinse in running water until only erythrocytes retain Orange G.
> 7) Apply Gomori's One Step Trichrome solution for 10 mins.
> 8) Drain and apply 0.5% Acetic acid for 1-2 mins.
> 9) Rinse in water, dehydrate etc.
> Results:- Nuclei- blue black; collagen- blue or green depending upon
> preference; muscle- red; erythrocytes- orange.
> Regards Mike Rentsch (Downunder)
> Traralgon. Vic. Aust.

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