Re: Digital Imaging System

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From:Rod Slyter <>
To:"Jennings-Siena, Debbie" <>
Date:Mon, 07 Jun 1999 08:11:32 -0400
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If what you are looking for is a way to photograph gross specimens in an
surgical pathology department. You may want to look at something a little
cheaper. We use an over the counter digital camera. Kodak DC260 with a
resolution of 1.5 million x 1.2 million pixels. This about the best you can
get unless you spend thousands of dollars. The camera is about $800. You then
should purchase Adobe Photoshop to mainpulate you images. The images can be
stored on Zip disks or CD if you have a CDwriter. The images can be cleaned up
in photoshop inported to powerpoint for on line presentations or given to your
media services department to be made into slides. I catalog all my images on a
simple excel spreadsheet.

Rod Slyter, PA(AAPA) HTL (ASCP)

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