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From:Wendy Prime <>
To:margaret blount <>
Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 09:54:39 +0100 (British Summer Time)

Hi Margaret,

With a working knowledge of Microsoft Access you will be 
able to create a reasonable database to keep your records 
and any references to scanned objects, such as photographs, 
and digital images. It is possible to create bar-coded 
labels form this database format but it would require  a 
label creating package and a preferably a small label 
printer. If you require an "off the shelf package" you may 
need to look further afield. It may be worth approaching 
your IT department to discuss designing  of a new database 
from scratch as they may have someone in house to give you 

I managed to achieve a database to cover all our needs and 
we produced a labels for our slides, forms and tubes in 

Best of Luck

Wendy Prime 
On Thu, 10 Jun 1999 13:44:04 +0100 margaret blount 
<> wrote:

> Dear Histonetters,
> I am running a small histology service laboratory in industrial research. To
> date our records have been maintained on paper. Does anyone have any advice to
> offer about suitable databases for recording accession numbers, type of blocks,
> sections required, etc for a histology service? Would such databases be able to
> generate bar coded labels and would this be appropriate? At the moment the
> service is small but it is expanding and I would want any database to be able
> to cope with such expansion. The paper based records work, but we are all
> encouraged to look at electronic based tools  and I would anticipate being able
> to archive results, reports and photographs or at least references to their
> whereabouts within the same database. Are there such databases about and what
> do histotechs feel about them?
> I look forward to your replies.
> Thanks a lot 
> Margaret
> Margaret Blount
> Colworth House
> Unilever Research
> Beds
> UK

Duncan Building 
The University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 3BX

Tel.0151 706 4503

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