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From:Sarah Christo <>,,
Date:Tue, 01 Jun 1999 07:42:09 -0500
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Dear Linda,
    I was sorry to read you were leaving the Histonet.  I too have thought of bailing out, but I'm hanging in there for all the good stuff that it has.  You know in any group of people your going to find some bad attitudes.  Some of our best contributors I'm sure have taken their share of slings and arrows but are still participating.  I hope you reconsider.

Sarah Christo, HT (ASCP)
Texas A&M University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Dept. of Vet. Anatomy & Public Health
College Station, TX  77868-4458

>>> <> 05/28 7:10 PM >>>
I can't take this anymore.  There are far too many attitudes here.  I've been 
on the histonet for a long time and I finally have had enough.  

As I leave, a few things:

1.  The accidental letter was cute.  In the middle of the dry requests for 
sea monkey
     wing controls and horse nostril antibodies, it made me smile.  What harm 
     that have really done to the histonet...a little pride was bruised, but 
more than 
     a few people smiled.  
2.  The postings that contain a phrase like "I don't know who would stoop so 
low as 
     as to (do whatever the question was)" are pompous and rude.  With all 
the people
     reading the histonet, did it ever cross some of your minds that some 
people do                                                    
     things differently than you and it actually works for them?  Do you 
really believe
     that your way is the only way and therefore feel justified in belittling 
3.  Accidents happen, SPAM happens, life happens...why harp about it for 
     days and build the original "no big deal" incident into an international 
4.  Why do so many people out there feel that they must copy everything that 
     written when they reply to something...especiallly something that they 
didn't feel 
     belonged there in the first place.  There are some pretty smart people 
out there
     these days.  Just the topic in the Subject line is really plenty 
adequate to let us 
     know what you are responding to.  There is no reason to read the same 
     over and over and over and over again.  

This could/should be a good forum for exchanging ideas, obtaining 
information, reaching out to our fellow co-workers.  Sadly, it is most often 
not such a place.
So, for you folks who like to flame: I'm turning on the bunsen burner and 
handing out a box of matches so you all can flame me until your  "reply" 
button breaks...I won't be around to watch...I'll be off somewhere enjoying 
my ignorance and substandard work practices without an Associate's Degree.


now:   unsubscribe  unscribe   undescribe  uninscribe  
un-every-other-scribe-possible please  

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