Re: Automatic Microtomes

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From:Anita Jennings <>
Date:Tue, 01 Jun 1999 11:35:13 +0000
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I use to have tendonitis and so when money became available I purchased an
automated microtome. I have not had a problem in over 5 years. I would
highly recommend my Zeiss Microm 355 and 360. We have had a small problem
with the board in one but the customer/technical service we got more than
made up for the inconvenience. In addition to the service, the thing I like
the most is the way the blade advances toward the sample not the sample arm
moving, therefore eliminating the "lever vibration" that you can get. I
hear Leica may carry one that operates on the same basis. I use my foot
pedal, the other tech just uses the buttons on the front. They did some
kind of change in the foot pedal, make sure you test it out if you are
going to use it.  anita

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