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Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 11:07:57 -0500 (EST)

 I agree wholeheartedly !!!!!
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Subject: An Open Letter To All Vendors
Author:  "Saby, Joseph" <> at Internet-Mail
Date:    6/3/99 9:50 AM

Dear Vendors-
I am saddened to hear that some of you have been made to feel unwelcome on 
the HistoNet.  Any person or group involved anywhere in Histology, or for 
that matter any scientific discipline, should feel welcome here.  And what I 
mean by welcome involves not just reading messages and replying personally, 
but also to address the questions raised to the whole group. 
HistoNet is a participatory group.  The very premise on which it was based 
is the free exchange of information.  If we do not have this participation, 
we have nothing.  
But we also have a multitude of personalities and interests.  There will 
always be some who find a way to jump all over any poor soul who may step 
over some imaginary line.  But please keep in mind that most of us are 
professionals who realize that we need new information on a daily basis just 
to keep up with the new technology available and necessary to do our jobs. 
Technology that you as a group have been developing to answer our needs.
If you have any information relevant to any question on the HistoNet, I 
personally invite you to answer. If someone doesn't like that you replied, 
please forward the objection to me.  I will be happy to remind ANYONE of what 
we are all about.  Just because I didn't ask the question does NOT mean that I 
don't need the information;  more likely it just means that I will need the 
answer next week.  
Several very general parameters have been stated regarding vendor conduct on 
the HistoNet.  As I understand it, replying to any question with information 
about a product you carry is highly encouraged.  (In point of fact, I have 
seen many of you provide information not only on your own products, but even 
that of other vendors.  Every time I see this I try remember who has provided 
this information;  you will be getting my business whenever possible.)  The 
"don't does" are common sense: Don't send out unsolicited information, and 
don't criticize the competition.  The first don't I have seen only rarely; I 
don't remember seeing the other at all.  Basically, civility and common sense 
should be your guide.
But civility and common sense should apply to the rest of us as well.  And I 
have seen various degrees of lapses here from our members.  I truly hope that 
everyone really thinks before sending anything critical over the HistoNet.  I 
truly hope that our archive will not reflect displays of rancor. We are 
diverse group with many different opinions, and any one of us may end up 
stepping over the line.  Who has not been tempted to fire off a quick reply 
to an issue that just punched our buttons?  But ALL of us need the 
information you vendors so generously supply.  If you have been offended by 
anyone on the HistoNet, I personally apologize. I also apologize if I am 
offending anyone right now.
I hope that any of you who have stopped replying openly will reconsider.
The vendors have helped make the HistoNet what it is in many ways.  I do NOT 
want to lose what we have.
Joseph A. Saby, BA HT
Diagnostic Pathology, Pathology & Experimental Toxicology 
Parke-Davis/Int. Pharm. Res. Div. Warner-Lambert
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: (734) 622-3631
Fax:     (734) 622-5718

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