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From:"Tarpley, John" <>
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Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 11:05:05 -0700

While I would agree that the tape transfer method is only one method of
producing undecalcified frozen bone sections, in my hands it has proved to
be the best method. This may not be true for all labs, but it is my
experience. As with most techniques when I needed it I needed it quickly and
after trying a few methods of producing sections the tape method proved to
be the quickest technique to learn. For us the speed of bringing up the
method and producing sections quickly off set the extra cost. Also, I have
seen sections produced by other methods and I think the tape method produces
sections as good as any other method and sections that are superior to most
methods I've seen. My two cents anyway.

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> I personally do not see the need for an expensive tape transfer system
> when
> as a lot of you know, that with a durable cryostat fitted with a tungsten
> carbide knife,  the tape transfer is unnecessary, I know I am going to get
> shot down for this, so can I have some back up please from all of you who
> know this is correct.
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> From: Gayle Callis <>
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> Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 04:09
> Subject: undecalcified bone
> >Even if you put murine bone in polymethylmethacrylate, you will get 25%
> >shrinkage, which is comparable to paraffin (have a publication on this,
> >a comparison!)  Bone frozen sections are easiest done with an
> >Instrumedic Cryojane Tape Transfer system on snap frozen bone and you
> will
> >need a tungsten carbide d profile knife.  Both are expensive, sectioning
> >system is approx $7000 and knives from DDK are approx $950, not to
> mention
> >a cryostat.
> >However, the results are well worth the investment, and saves a good deal
> >of grief.
> >
> >Gayle Callis
> >

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