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From:Michelle M Sutorik <>
Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 14:36:56 -0400 (EDT)
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Here is my fax #.  734-764-2469  Could you please send me the NSH IHC
Research group application for membership?  Thank YOU!

Michelle M. Sutorik
Univ. of MIchigan
Dept. of Oral Pathology/Oncology      

On Thu, 3 Jun 1999 wrote:

> Deb,
> Not much published specifically for bone, that I am aware of, we are
> pioneers in this area.  We have been doing some ISH on frozen bone sections
> using the Instrumedics Tape Transfer method, just about impossible without
> it in my experience.  Formic acid decalcified paraffin embedded zinc formal
> fixed is how I do IHC on bone samples, and if any pretreatments are required
> I use enzyme digestions rather than HIER.  If you would like to join the NSH
> IHC Resource Group send me a fax number and I will fax you an application.
> The group has a general IHC reference list available to our members.
> Patsy Ruegg 
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> 		Patsy,
> 		I am just beginning to set up our lab for IHC and in situ on
> bone - frozen and
> 		paraffin.  Do you have any recommendations for reading
> materials and any helpful
> 		hints?  I'm sure there are many but a few to get me started
> would be helpful.  I
> 		have never fixed, processed or cut bone frozen or in
> paraffin - only when
> 		embedded in MMA.  This is quite a stressful thing to start
> when I don't have any
> 		experience.  Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
> 		Deb Ebert
> 		Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
> 		Mason, OH
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> 		I missed the original thread on Bone IHC, so now I would
> like to add my two
> 		cents worth.
> 		I too have gone to fixing with Zinc formal which requires
> much less antigen
> 		retrieval, but when I do require pretreatment to access the
> antigen site, I
> 		use enzyme digestions rather than hier.  We have found that
> we can control
> 		the process much better with enzyme digestion and it causes
> less damage and
> 		dislodging of the sections.  I also use silane coated slides
> (plus slides).
> 		There are certain components in bony tissues that require
> enzyme digestion
> 		anyway and you must completely decalcify or the hydroxy
> appetite will block
> 		access to the antigen site, or take on everything because it
> is so porous
> 		and absorbent.  Before IHC I always treat the deparaffinzed
> slides with 0.4
> 		M EDTA to assure complete decalcification.  There are so
> many idiocyncrities
> 		about bone IHC, it is a whole different science from soft
> tissue IHC.
> 		Patsy Ruegg

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