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Patti, please don't feel that the comments of one person is the attitude of
all of us, and go ahead and post your questions. All of us had to start
somewhere and if we can't depend on our fellow techs in the field, who can
we count on?
I'd be happy to help you in any way I can, just email me!
Good luck,
Noreen Gilman, HT (ASCP) CLS
Lab Manager
Skin & Cancer Associates
Hallandale, FL

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> Erwin,
> As I am one very new to the profession, untrained as a histologist (I've
> a masters in Biology and have only been at this histology business for 4
> years or so in a limited capacity!!), I agree with Don that you should not
> put down those of us not as "smart", "intelligent", or "lacking in common
> sense" as you are.  I thought this histonet was supposed to be a knowledge
> sharing forum, no matter how basic that knowledge may be for some of you!
> only started working with paraffin embedded stuff a year or so ago.  And I
> did not know that a pencil was the best thing to mark cassettes with.  Had
> not had a "FRIENDLY" advisor who taught me the "BASIC" tricks of the
> I would have probably been in the same boat as the person who put this
> cassette marking question to the histonet.  
> As Don said, we should not be putting people down for basic questions.
> weren't you in the same boat when you first began your career???   I don't
> think we are all lab managers on this server!  In fact, it seems like
> are more of us "techs" than there are you "managers"...  I get tons of
> messages on topics not at all pertinent to my work, and yet I manage to
> them or delete them without feeling the need to "put someone down" for
> asking a question.  Most of the time, I just move on.  This time I felt
> need to reply.  And unfortunately, people like you will be the ones who
> make me think twice before I ask a question on the histonet rather than
> advice privately.  I have found a lot of answers to "basic" questions here
> --  and have met VERY helpful people!  Too bad one sour "manager" who has
> forgotten where he started had to make me feel "below" the rest of the
> group.  I can do that on my own, thank you very much!  
> I'll be sure to avoid any workshops you give at NSH ... wouldn't want to
> there and ask a stupid, basic question, like "who is the best source for
> Hematoxylin" ...
> -Patti Bourassa
>  Pfizer, Groton   ---  lowly biologist, trying her best at histology

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