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Date:Mon, 07 Jun 1999 07:43:17 -0500

Hi Steve,

We have two Ventana instruments and to amplify the signal of the primary we
put RxM IgG at 1:200 in a Fixative dispenser.  This simply multiplies the
primary antibody sites for the secondary to bind to.  We've been doing this
for quite a while with good sucess although sometimes we get unacceptable
high background.  One can always cut back on the dilution of the IgG if need
be.  This is actually similiar to the first step of Ventana's Amplification
kit.  Obviously this is only applicable to IgG monoclonal antibodies.  

Maybe this is along the lines of what your tech is suggesting.

Hope this helps,

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> We are using a Ventanna ES Immunostainer and I have a question for all you
> experts out there concerning Immunohistochemistry.
> I have a tech who insists that using IgG in a Option dispenser enhances
> the 
> reaction of Antibodies. Is this true? Has anyone one else used this 
> protocol?
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