RE: C-Kit (CD117) Antibody

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From:"Hewlett Bryan (CMH)" <HEWLETT@EXCHANGE1.CMH.ON.CA>
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Date:Tue, 15 Jun 1999 09:16:51 -0400
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We have tested this antibody extensively.
It works well for us without any form of pretreatment. Proteolytic
enzymes will eradicate staining.  HIER may help for tissues which have
been fixed in formaldehyde for more than a week. However, in our hands
HIER tends to reduce staining of the fine dendritic processes of ICC.
We have also obtained satisfactory results after fixation in AZF(with &
without demineralization), B5 and Carnoy.
What are you intending to use kit for?



>From: 	Fessler, Jim[]
>Sent: 	June 15, 1999 6:45 AM
>To: 	''
>Subject: 	C-Kit  (CD117) Antibody
>Jim Fessler from Pennsylvania Hospital in beautiful downtown Philadelphia
>here.  I am trying to get the proto-oncogene c-kit  anitbody to work for me.
>I am using Dako's polyclonal rabbit anti-human c-kit (CD117). I've tried
>stainning paraffin-embedded sections with and without antigen retrieval
>using various dilutions. I understand that the epitope seems to be quite
>sensitive to long term fixation in formalin  and have avoided this.  If I
>can get some help or suggestions, I'd sure be greatful.

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