RE: Amount of IHC performed in USA

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Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 10:21:21 -0600
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That would be difficult to estimate.  Your best source I would think would
be the antibody companies, how much product do they sell in the US?  This
would vary from site to site.  Universities and research facilities do a lot
more than big city private hospitals, and outlying areas may do none at all.
I would ask some of the main players (DAKO, Ventana, Sigma, ETC.) about how
much product they sell in the USA.  What is this for?
Patsy Ruegg 

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		Dear Histonetters:  Is there anyone out there who could
point me toward
		a source, person, expert, website, etc.,that could give me
an estimate
		on how much IHC is done in the US per year?  Patsy Ruegg,
would you have
		an idea?  Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
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