RE: A big coverslipper difference

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From:Tim Morken <>
Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999 07:36:20 -0400 (EDT)
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This is an interesting problem. I used a Sakura coverslipper for several 
years and had no problems once we learned how to use it (which took a few 
days). We did use xylene, since that is what the tape was designed for. 
Using a substitute is asking for trouble. If you use venting or the charcol 
filter, I can't think of any reason xylene would be a problem here. If you 
let the slides dry in the rack you won't even touch xylene in the process. 
We found that using too much xylene on the slide would cause jamming in the 
chute. When adjusted properly, we had no problems at all.

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From: Mark & Carrie Byrne <>
To: Terri Braud <>, histonet 
Subject: RE: A big coverslipper difference
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 19:01:17 -0700

you are very lucky not to have had problems....
we regularly have to "babysit" our sakura....usually due to slides jamming
in the chute.  we have experienced a tremendous problem with air seeping
under the tape often within hours of coverslipping (never mind what they
look like after a few years!).  we are aware it is due to the use of a
xylene substitute on the stainer but we are unwilling to return to xylene
carrie kyle-byrne

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