CD 5 & CD10

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From:"Donovan, Mark" <>
To:"''" <>
Date:Tue, 08 Jun 1999 09:47:13 +1000

Dear Marsha,

I am successfully using CD5 (Novocastra NCL-CD5-4C7) at a dil'n of 1/40 with
MW-AR (pressure cooker method; see Brassil K.E, Australian J Med Sci 18:
84-86 1997) using Citrate buffer pH 6 and LSAB-HRP detection. Results are
reliable and consistent. I also run CD10 (Novocastra NCL-CD10-270) at 1/40
with MW-AR using 1M EDTA pH 8 (Citrate produces very pale staining). Results
are generally good but sometimes pale, particularly with archive material.
My Novocastra catalogue lists the US supplier as Vector Labs; email 
Mark Donovan, BSc(MLT)
Alfred Hospital, Prahran
Victoria, Australia

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