A big coverslipper difference

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From:Terri Braud <terri_braud@sfc.sch.org>
Date:Wed, 02 Jun 1999 15:54:32 -0500

Out lab also looked at several coverslippers before settling on the
Sakura but for 2 reasons that no one has mentioned
1. The coverslips are dry at room temp and ready to file by the time
they are returned to the Histology Dept. Sometimes in as little as 2 hrs.
No more poking through stacks of slides folders to find that strange
slide that Dr X forgot to show to Dr Y. Our slides are ALWAYS in the
file drawers, ready to find again and again and again. This was the
overwhelming factor for all of our techs in favor of Sakura .
2.  The coverslips are removed really fast, REALLY FAST.  A one
minute soak in Acetone, a two minute soak in Xylene and away they go
to be run down to decolorize and restain with the stain du jour. 

Granted, we outsource most of our GYN pap load but unless your
Ob-Gyn's perform their paps with the old "grapefruit spoon" method,
we have not had any trouble with the film adequately covering the
material on the slides.  Also, we have not had any trouble with film
peeling or going bad on stored slides for 7 years. 
Just F.Y.I.
Terri Braud, HT(ASCP) tlbraud@sfc.sfc.sch.org
Anatomic Path Supervisor
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