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Dear Anatoli:

Thanks very much for your suggestions.

Yes I am using Abcam rat monoclonal Brdu antibody, and I also have tried mouse monoclonal.

SOme people in my lab suggested that without HCl, you may get better DAPI co-staining after BrdU staining, however sometimes you can not get BrdU staining...
We dont know why. Citrate buffer might be able to break some DNA helix during heating process (30 min with 95 degree). But I was just following the protocol.

Next time I will try it. - -




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For BrdU staining boiling in citrate buffer is good enough to denature DNA - you don't need to treat sections  with HCl after that. I did it on both paraffin and cryo sections with the same good results. Another suggestion - for BrdU staining use rat monoclonal against BrdU from Apcam - they are much more stronger and cleaner than any mouse monoclonal I have used so far.
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Some one suggested a "citrate buffer" treatment before 2nd IHC.
However he als suggested be careful about losing anti-gen in this step.
Actually I used this step for BrdU staining pretreatment before adding HCl to broken DNA helix (brdu can be taken by cell and synthsized into DNA).
It seems that citrate buffer has more function than simply the antigen retrieval.
Can anyone comment on this further?
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主题: [Histonet] Double immunostaining with two same source 1st Antibody 

I am extremely interested in the suggestions you receive. I would like to do a similar procedure. If possible, would you be able forward them to me.
Much appreciated, 
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