Re: [Histonet] uneven HE staining

From:Rene J Buesa

Usually uneven staining is due to incomplete dewaxing. Tell your colleague to check the xylene (or whatever dewaxing agent she is using) and make sure that all the sections are within that level.
  René J.

Paula Wilder  wrote:
Hi everyone!

A colleague of mine is having uneven staining problems with their automatic stainer, which I believe is a Tissue-Tek stainer. This has been an ongoing problem. She tells me it is only on biopsies, very intermittent. On one slide she might have four sections; three stain evenly and one does not. The location of the unevenly stained section is not always the same; sometimes it is the first section, sometimes the last. Several technicians are cutting so technique has been eliminated. They tried tracking the biopsies to see if a particular doctor's office was involved, but again, no. Does anyone have a clue or suggestion which direction should be pursued next? We don't think it is the processing; dehydration? I do not have their HE programmed times.

Thanks for your help,
Paula Wilder
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