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From:Jackie M O'Connor

We use a Leica slide and a block printer (each unit does one job).  We 
love it.  You can program vast quantities of slides or cassettes, print 
them simultaneously, they are instantly dry .  The Leica uses an ink 
cartridge which is pricey - $400 per cartridge, but prints 60,000 slides 
or blocks.   You can plug in your data to the user friendly screen, then 
walk away to do something else.  Love it.

Jack Cates  
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[Histonet] RE:  Shandon vs Sakura block/slide labelers

I have used both in the past at two different employers.  I have 
definitely found that the Shandon (RA Lamb, or TBS, ) writer to be far superior.  The Shandon print 
medium/tape is impervious to all reagents and does not require any curing 
time to "set" and the footprint is much, much smaller.  Also the cost of 
operation is not even close... the tape for the Shandon unit sells for 
approximately $25 dollars and you can get up to 20,000 cassettes, but the 
Sakura you will need to purchase ink and replace print nozzles, which can 
be very costly.  I think we found that for the same amount of 
prints/cassettes the price difference could be up to $1500 
dollars/year.... pretty substantial.  The way that I have come to to think 
about this... its sort of similar to the situation that when you purchase 
your home PC, they almost invariably give you a printer for free and make 
their money back on the sale of ink and or
 print heads.  Also, with the Sandon unit you will have many more outlets 
for peripherals, like Foil, cassettes and more.  (I have seen PSL, TBS, RA 
Lamb, ThermoFisher, LabStorage, Belair, Rankin Biomedical, Source Medical, 
Mikron and more carry these).
Does anyone know how much a new print nozzle and ink from Sakura cost 
these days?
Well that is my three cents...
Good luck!
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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 14:35:09 -0700
From: "R C" 
Subject: [Histonet] Shandon vs Sakura block/slide labelers
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We're entertaining two products. The Sakura Tissue Tek Auto Write Printer
and the Thermo Shandon Microwriter I Cassette labeler. Has anyone had any
first hand experience with either brands? A slide labeler is projected in
the future as well. Thanks.
Rueben Carter

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