Re: [Histonet] Paraffin blocks (reprise)

From:Rene J Buesa

First of all let me express you my complete amazement when confronted with a block collection more than 30 years old; it seems to me than, unless it is really frequent that those blocks are used for research purposes, it is a real useless effort and waste of space. If they are regularly used then it is OK.
I think that the fumigation will be the best option. 
As to the effect of long term storage of blocks I would like to work in your institution to do that research. I imagine that if you have kept the blocks you have also the case reports, then I would do as follows:
1- select a pathological entity that would require some IHC testing, lets say melanoma cases.
2- select 1 case for each of the years you have in storage
3- find the blocks and run an H&E and a HMB45 for each and analyze how the Ag has "resisted" the storage.
That would allow me to answer the storage question and, perhaps, to eliminate all the years that show such a weakening of the Ag that is not worth its safeguard any longer.
Just my opinion!
René J.

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