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Would it not be better to check the slides that go out for quality and recutting as needed? Waiting for the pathologist to reject the slide could add quite a bit of time to the turn around and even delay the case to the next day. Taking two minutes to look over a tray and check 2 under the scope (10%) is not that bad. And if you are doing it while you are block checking, it does not really even add time. It can be done in the small amount of time in between racks.  What happens if your techs are rotating the solutions on the stainer and mix up the reagents?  If you dont continually check your slides, you will not notice until your pathologist returns a batch. Then it makes the lab look incompetant for putting out poor stains.
Quality improvement should be your goal, not just churning out slides and waiting for rejects.

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If you get to a percentage, then you will waste your whole day doing that.
What I used to do is to let the pathologists reject the slides, then I reviewed
them, found out who cut them, discuss the issue, fill the QA and retrain the HT
who did the bad slide.Any other approach will be a total loss of precious
time.Don't even think if giving a form to the pathologists to fill out the
problem they found, they are not going to do it, and if they do, they will be
wasting their time. That is the supervisor's task, the PT task is to
reject, the supervisor's task is to prevent the problem from occurring
René J.

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