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ok - but CAP want proof of daily H&E QC signed off by the lab director or

PTs dont really care about the loss of our time - mine appear to believe
that it is their sole purpose in life to waste our time with their sometimes
'amazing' requests -  had one the other day asking for a bielshowsky on a
heart valve!!! he is a bit dyslexic and got the case number mixed up -
luckily we did the usual 'diaper change' and corrected his error

 i was told the other day that we (med techs) are here to 'serve the PTS' -
to 'do their bidding' ..... ;))
2008/7/8 Rene J Buesa :

> If you get to a percentage, then you will waste your whole day doing that.
> What I used to do is to let the pathologists reject the slides, then I
> reviewed them, found out who cut them, discuss the issue, fill the QA and
> retrain the HT who did the bad slide.Any other approach will be a total loss
> of precious time.Don't even think if giving a form to the pathologists to
> fill out the problem they found, they are not going to do it, and if they
> do, they will be wasting their time. That is the supervisor's task, the PT
> task is to reject, the supervisor's task is to prevent the problem from
> occurring again.
> René J.
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