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Try this protocol and adjust to your lab. See how the microtomy is for 

Rats, Dog,Primate,Pig all gets processed on the same protocol. 40 min in 
all solutions +parrafin.(Formalin, 70, 80,95,95,100,100,100, xylene 3 
changes). Including eyes.  Dog &primate eyes are fixed in 3% 
gluteraldehdye then transferred to 10%formalin.

All Testes and Rodent eyes start in 70% alcohol,80,95,95,100,100,100, 
xylene (3)changes.
Fix testes in bouins for 24-48 hrs then transfer to 70%alcohol and process 
from there. Stay consistent with fixation time. 

Dog and primate brains process from 70% alcohol for 90minutes in all 
reagents on different protocol.

Brains and Femoral head fixed in 30 % formalin. 24 hrs then tranfer to 10% 
formalin. Bones get decal. Some labs fix everything in 10% Formalin.

All mice organs are processed on different protocol. 30 minutes in all 
reagents start with formalin. Eyes start in 70%.

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[Histonet] Animal Tissue processing question

Dear Histonetters,
After doing human histology for 15 years I am excited to have the 
opportunity to help start up a brand new research histology laboratory. It 
is a very small lab so I will still have my day job. But it is all new and 
different and a bit exciting. I would like to ask your help with the 
processing times. I know animal tissue is dryer so I am thinking less time 
in alcohol but am looking to those of you out there with the experience 
for a place to start when it comes to VIP processing times.  I know I will 
be processing tissues from pigs and primates if that makes a difference. 
Brand new VIP, brand new embedding center, brand new microtome. . . . I 
can't tell you how exciting this is. Thanks for all your help.
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