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Well, not EXACTLY the same.á 45 means that is the target temperature.á While 40-50 means that anywhere in the range is ok.á Right?

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I was merely answering a question giving the range I used to keep. Retired as I
am now CAP regulations are of minimal significance for me. By the way, 40-50║
is EXACTLY the same as 45▒5║C
RenÚ J.

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Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 1:08 PM

It is not a CAP requirement to have a QC Temperature chart for water-baths;
however you must have a temperature range on any QC log that captures the
temperature of an instrument. Our temperature range is 40-50░C.


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RenÚ J.

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Hi Netters,

We received a recommendation.. for not having water bath temp ranges (QC
chart) on our last CAP inspection.  I thought this was taken off the list?=20
What range do you all have on your QC sheets for your water bath temps?

Thanks in advance,

Carole Fields

Northside Hospital

Atlanta, GA

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