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I suggest instituting simple QA measures to reduce risk at both tasks. At the Gross bench, one specimen on the bench at a time and clean up between specimens. Clean-up is new paper or rinsing of the gross cutting board and rinsing of all instruments. At the embedding bench, one cassette on the work area at a time and clean-up after each cassette and wipe down of forceps before returning to the warming area. These methods must be in the procedure/protocol for the task and more importantly develop a monitoring/review process of staff. Last, but most importantly, document any defects created (tissue contamination), require daily feedback from pathologist for all quality issues and then provide timely review and resolution for all defects back to the individual employees involved in the task and creating the defect. Unfortunately, these measures will not prevent tissue contamination during processing and that, I have found, is a more likely culprit in the process, especially if you are seeing cells or groups of cells and not chunks of tissue.
William DeSalvo BS, HTL (ASCP)

> Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 10:46:34 -0400> From:> To:;> Subject: [Histonet] Tissue Carryover> > I apologize if this message is a repeat but I sent it two days ago and> didn't see if appear on my Histonet messages so I was worried that it> never went anywhere..In any case, here is my question..> As part of our Quality Assurance program we have been looking at our> processes in Pathology and trying to identify areas of risk for our> department and in the discussion the issue of potential tissue> carryover in both the grossing and embedding procedures came up. I have> been asked to inquire how other institutions handle this issue as far as> prevention and what methods do you use to achieve that. I would> appreciate any input on this as I have to report back to the group> regarding any information I receive. > Thank you in advance for your help,> Vicki Gauch> AMCH> Albany, NY> > -----------------------------------------> CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email and any attachments may contain> confidential information that is protected by law and is for the> sole use of the individuals or entities to which it is addressed.> If you are not the intended recipient=2C please notify the sender by> replying to this email and destroying all copies of the> communication and attachments. Further use, disclosure, copying,> distribution of, or reliance upon the contents of this email and> attachments is strictly prohibited. To contact Albany Medical> Center=2C or for a copy of our privacy practices, please visit us on> the Internet at> > _______________________________________________> Histonet mailing list>>
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