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From:"Suriana Bte Abdul Latiff"

Hi Everyone,

I suggest you should try Pathos, microwave processor from Milestone. It is much superior in processing quality which I have tested it myself. It has a delay start feature allowing an overnight processing using microwave technology so no worries of overheating the samples. 

Trust me it is so wonderful. You may want to visit: 



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The last retort is a heated, empty "bath" should NOT leave the tissue there for very long at all. 

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Both Xpress models have been engineered to process in a continuous flow of cassettes not for overnight (delayed) processing. Perhaps you could leave the cassettes in the last retort, but I am not sure about that nor it is recommended, and it would defeat the design of the instrument.
  René J.

Kim Tournear  wrote:
Is anyone using the Tissue-Tek Xpress x50 out there? Do you like it? Can you do traditional overnight processing or is it only for rapid processing? Any feed back would be helpful...
~Kim ~
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Tucson, AZ
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