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From:"Martin, Gary"

Dr. Richmond 
I agree with you on the fixation of overnight ... It's better for
everyone!  My question is centered around the longer fixation time of
more than 48 hours with breast specimens that could be subjected to HER2
testing.  I am being told that if you submit a specimen that has been in
10% buffered formalin for more than the 48 hour limit ... you can submit
the specimen straight to HER2 by FISH and the time rules do not apply.
Have you heard this to be true or false.  
We also have been receiving large core stereotactic specimens. My guys
are submitting them in sponges stretched out and processed without
sectioning.  Laying them out in the sponges seems to help avoid the
spaghetti effect. 

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Gary Martin asks >>Is it true that you do not have to observe the
minimum 6 hour fixation and the 48 hour maximum fixation time if you
do HER2 by FISH?<<

This grumpy old pathologist now requires overnight fixation of all
breast tissue. It isn't just regulator compliance for HER2 - what I
like is the better quality of the H & E sections. Breast pathology is
tough enough without crappy nuclei. The regulators have made us do
what we should have been doing anyway.

I'm seeing a lot of large core stereotactic biopsy specimens these
days. Should these go in a bare cassette, or between blue biopsy pads?
Should I be trying to cut them longitudinally before submitting them?

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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