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We use both ... the bags have not been a problem ... as a matter for
fact I prefer them. They seem to store easier.  We also noticed that
many times clients try to stuff a very large specimen into a small
bottle, and fixation can suffer.  The bags we use are designed for
pathology use. They are manufactured by Bitran, and sold by Cardinal

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Does anyone receive tissue specimens in plastic bags containing
formalin?  We do and I don't like it.  For some reason this client likes
to use these plastic bags instead of our standard formalin bottles.  The
bags have to be cut open and are difficult to store.  The person in the
gross room ends up placing all remaining tissue in one of our regular
specimen bottles after completing the gross examination.  I am going to
tell them that we are not going to accept the specimens unless you can
convince me that it is O.K. (and I don't think that is going to happen).
Thanks for your time.


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