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No, it is not ruined. Even if this slide had been brought to you in
alcohol, you could still stain it5 with the Fite's method by removing
the alcohol and starting over in the xylene/peanut oil. If you want to
this out take 4 slides of a M. leprae put one in xylene overnight,
deparaffinize one in xylene and leave in alcohol overnight, and  stain
one correctly BUT dehydrate in alcohols instead of air drying. The next
day take those 3 slides and a fresh slide and start the stain over.
Rena Fail

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Quick question for everyone.  We received a cytology slide in xylene(
left overnight) for Fite stain.  Is this ruined because of the extended
time in xylene?  I looked in the Carson book and here is what is written

M leprae and Nocardia spp. are weakly acid fast and not alcohol fast
(Chandler) so alcohol must be avoided. So we don't want to receive it in
Why a short exposure to xylene for removal of paraffin has such an
adverse effect on the leprosy organism while the prolonged exposure to
xylene during processing does not have the same effect to xylene during
processing does not have the same effect is an interesting consideration
(Stevens).  According to Stevens, once the leprosy organism is
adequately stained, it will resist decolonization as tenaciously as the
tubercle bacillus does; instead the problem may be one of resistance to
uptake of the stain rather than retention.

We are having quite the discussion what is right.  So I need more
opinions from out there


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