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Both help to keep costs down . . .

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And paper towels will work when you have run out of filter paper...

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I sometimes use coffee filters.
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What is important is not the number so much as if the paper is high  
retention and what is filtering speed.  Whatman #4, if I remember  
correctly, is a medium fast paper, and should be  ideal for filtering  
staining solution.  Somewhere in the passage of time, I was told not  
to use paper that was really slow filtering speed and high retention  
for filtering dye solutions as the paper may retain too much of the  
dye needed. Now that could be an old wife's tale, but to this day I  
always use a medium fast paper.

   I also purchase something other than Whatman, as companies sell
equivalents for a much cheaper price.  Whatman 54 should also work.    
companies like ThermoScientific give the equivalents for their brand  
as compared to Whatman papers and are certainly more economical.

Gayle M. Callis

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   To filter blue celestin, is what I have to use a filter paper  
number 1 or 4? Thank!

   Mylène de Champlain

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