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For all you "skin jobs" out there (Bladerunner reference!)

I run a dermpath lab. I am wondering if anyone is interested
in sharing with me the H/E protocol they use on skin

I currently use Gill 3 from Richard Allan (thermo) and
acetic acid alcohol for mild decolorization. The derms I
work for love the stain, but I think that others demonstrate
chromatin patterns better. This stain seems "overstained" to
me, and it is the protocol that my predecessor used.

Any comments?

Also, if anyone cuts nail sections (i.e. fingernails or
toenails), the method I am currently using is producing
results such as I have never experienced in my 13 years in
dermpath. I have worked for a number of dermatopathology

Perhaps you all know this one: (PS I'm new to Histonet)

Prior to processing:

Treat nail fragments by immersing them in a solution of 20%
NaOH for anywhere from 20 minutes for small fragments to an
hour for thicker sections. This is dependent on thickness
and density of keratin. For very thickened nails, perhaps
4mm think or more, it could take more time. 

After processing:

Embed as perpendicular to the blade, face in block by
rotating microtome wheel at 4 micron setting until full face
is obtained.

Treat surface of sections with 10% KOH for anywhere from 20
minutes to one hour or more, just until keration is soft,
but before completely dissolving nail.

Use positively-charged slides.

I use this regularly and have never been happier with the
results. Perhaps you all know a better way! I would love to
speed this method up, particularly in regard to the grossing
part, prior to processing.

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