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From:"Loralei Dewe"

You are invited to attend a live, interactive, web-based tutorial:

*Counting, Sorting and Categorizing Objects in Images*

*Presenter Name: Loralie Dewe, Applications Specialist, Media  
Cybernetics, a
MAG Company *
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*Details are below.  Connection lines are limited, so reserve yours now.
There is no charge to participate in this on-line seminar.*

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*July 29, 2008
Tuesday at 10:30 AM  Pacific Time*


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*Counting objects in images is a task that is routinely performed by
scientists in a variety of disciplines. Researchers in material sciences
and biology often share the goal of measuring the distribution of  
cells, and other objects in images based on size, shape, clumpiness,
roundness, smoothness, density, color, and other features.   
and classification of objects in images that contain mixed  
populations into
subgroups based on differences in morphological and optical  
properties can
be tedious, time-consuming, and subject to error unless assisted by  
processing tools that are designed for the task.

Attendees of this free web-based seminar will learn how to achieve
maximum efficiency, accuracy and reproducibility in their analysis by
applying a sequence of processing steps to their images and will see  
how to
leverage common feature-extraction and measurement tools to categorize,
sort, count, and graph their data.

Bring your questions to this live, interactive web-based seminar.

Subjects include: *

    - *Enhancing images for accurate processing *
    - *Performing thresholding operations to separate objects-of- 
    from background *
    - *Utilizing spatial and morphological filters to differentiate
    populations of objects *
    - *Capturing and presenting your data *
    - *Archiving and databasing of images *

*Provided free of charge, this webinar is sponsored by MAG, the  
Applications Group. MAG is a group of imaging companies who work  
together to
provide an unparalleled range of microimaging solutions to science and
industry. *

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*Loralei Dewe*
*MicroImaging Applications Group*
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