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From:"Burrill, Jason"

Patricia you are correct about the classification of most formalin
solutions being hazardous for air transport but as it relates to 10%
neutral buffered formalin it does not apply.  IATA regulations, which
govern air transports, clearly state in the Dangerous Goods Regulations
that any solution containing less than 10% formaldehyde is not
considered hazardous for air transport.  And since 10% neutral buffered
formalin contains only 4% formaldehyde it is not considered a dangerous
good for transport.  I will say that you should always check with your
commercial carrier (e.g. FedEx, UPS) before final classification of any
material that there is a question about as they may have stricter

Now if you are speaking about the transport of Patient Specimens as
defined by IATA, exempt human or animal, which formalin fixed tissue
typically falls into then what is required is a leak-proof primary
receptacle, leak-proof secondary packaging and a rigid outer packaging
with size dimensions of no less than 100 mm x 100 mm.

And my final disclaimer will be that you should always check with your
EHS department to make sure that you are following your
institutional/company policies.



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From: "Patricia Karlisch" 

Subject: [Histonet] Formalin in plastic bags


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    There are standards for sending specimens that are in a hazardous
solution, like Formalin.  Plastic bags are secondary containers and
should not be used to transport fluid. The specimens should be in a
secure  plastic container that seals tightly and will not puncture
causing injury to others.

    Pat Karlisch

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