[Histonet] Question on Aluminum Staining

From:"Herrick, James L."

Hi everyone,

We are having trouble running ASA (acid solochrome azurin) stains on
human iliac crest bone biopsies for the detection of aluminum deposits.
Our negatives are showing a lot of blue around the outer edges of the
specimen. Although we cannot see staining around the trabecular bone, we
should also not see it around the periphery of the bone specimen. The
positive, on the other hand, looks very good. Has anyone had experience
with this type of stain, and if so, would you happen to know what we may
be doing wrong?

The recipe we use for our stain is .2 gms. of Chromeazural B in 20mL of
dH2O with a pH @ 5.0 (We incubate at room temp for 18hrs.), destain with
95% methanol, rinse in dH2O,  dehydrate, clear and coverslip.

Also, another problem we have encountered in the past, is a gold
discoloring of the specimen. Have you seen this problem before, and if
so, do you know how to correct it?

Any help we can get with this dilemma is very much appreciated.

Thanks again,
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