[Histonet] LCM on decaled bone sections

From:Elizabeth M Heimrich

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding the doability of LCM on decaled rat joint 
specimens and the subsequent RNA extraction and amplification.  The rat 
joints have not been harvested yet,  so there is no fixative decided 
upon.  Is this a feasible procedure? Does the decalcification of the 
bone destroy the RNA, or is the main issue the formaldehyde 
cross-linking the proteins if using FFPE tissue.  I have queried a few 
scientists around here and have received conflicting answers, so I come 
to the net....hoping to resolve this issue.  Some say to dissect out the 
synovium and take cryo sections because the Formaldehyde will interfere 
with the RNA signal.  Others say that the problem resides with the decal 
procedure itself.  Any and all thoughts welcome.
Thank you,

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