[Histonet] CBG Biotech Recycler for sale


We have a 2 1/2-year old CBG Biotech solvent
recycler, 5 gallon model, that we no longer need and would like to sell.
We hardly used it and it is in excellent condition.  Moreover, it has an
extended warranty backed by CBG Biotech until December
2011.  We are a research lab and used it to recycle alcohol and
xylene, but our volume of use was much lower than a clinical histology
lab.  Therefore, the unit is relatively unused and almost like new, with
the manual and accessories (carboys).  A photo of the unit is posted on
  http://www.histonet.org, under the file name
"CBG Biotech Recycler2.jpg"  We are selling it because the project for
which we purchased it is finished.  Initially, we thought it would be
needed for a longer time.

As for price, we are seeking to sell it for half
the purchase price, around $7000 (including the price of the extended  
or best offer.  Please be reminded that  proper functioning of the
unit is guaranteed under the extended warranty, until December

Please contact Vani at kodela@md-partners.com
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