[Histonet] Anterograde tracing


I just want to discuss the best anterograde tracer.

BDA, PHA-L, CTB-FITC, CTB-Rhodamine, WGA-HRP, HRP, and viral vectors all could be anterograde tracer.
However, BDA is diffusible like all fluroscent dyes, does not have the necessary direction.
CTB-conjugated sereis have limited diffusion ability when injected with pressure, just like PHA-L, thus are not good in labeling a larger group of neurons when single rather multiple injections is required.
WGA-HRP & HRP both antero & retrogradely transported, HRP & virus even transynaptically.

So, any one has other ideas? Such as shorten the period after injection to reduce the diffusion, or using immunodetection to visualize the CTB-FITC, for example?


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