[Fwd: [Histonet] tissue processor], addendnum

From:Atoska Gentry

Hello All, perhaps I did not include enough info in my initial inquiry. 
We don't use the conventional / standard  cassettes for processing. We 
embed  with  "L"  shapes  because our tissues vary in size. Also, we 
process in stainless steel circular cassettes both large and small; the 
large cassettes are 3" in diameter. And since my PI wants to maintain 
the same processing & embedding method we will need something which can 
accommodate our current processing/embedding method.  These are the 
reasons I requested info on a processor comparable to the Autotechnicon 
Ultra II. Also, it needs to be able to run 4 - 22.5 hour process cycle.  
Although, we process extraneural sections our primary area of interest 
is CNS. Thanks very much.  Atoska

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