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From:Gayle Callis


I "Googled" donkey serum and Biocompare came up with many sources - 500 ml 
from Biomeda Corp for $90;   Equitech-Bio 500 ml for $55.  We buy large 
volumes of serum (goat 500 ml) realiquot upon arrival - in 50 ml centrifuge 
tubes, freeze down and store at -27C.  Sigma might even have it but you pay 
the price of shipping.

I don't know if price reflects quality, but it certainly is cheaper than 
the lyophilized but excellent serum from Jackson.

Have a nice weekend.

At 10:02 AM 6/22/2007, you wrote:
>Does anyone use donkey serum from another source besides Jackson 
>ImmunoResearch and have excellent results? Their serum is so costly for 
>high volume IHC.

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