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From:"Kaye Ryan"

Hi Dawn,

We have been using the Milestone RHS1 units for over four years now and
absolutely love them.  We actually have three of them.  I can tell you
from first hand experience that it is wonderful for TAT, cutting and
saving on processing reagents.  We can receive, process, embed and be
ready to cut in just a little over an hour.  The blocks cut so much
better than routine processing and you don't get the chatter that you
normally get when cutting gastric biopsies.  The tissues also lay very
flat.  We have purchased the fully automated Milestone  PATHOS and have
been testing the system for several months.  We are just about ready to
convert over to fully processing all tissues with this system.  We have
tested tiny biopsies with large colon and breast samples and they have
turned out beautifully.  The nuclear detail is great and it is wonderful
for our IHC department.  We expect to see a huge savings on reagents and
paraffin once we convert.  We now have our overnight processing down to
5 and ½ hours.  As you can tell, I am sold on the technology.

Hope this helps,


Kaye Ryan
Histology Manager/Educational Coordinator
Shands Rocky Point Laboratories
(352) 265-0111, 72093

>>> "Dawn Bugge"  6/21/2007 2:17 PM >>>
I was wondering if anyone had some pros and cons for microwave
We use the VIP processor now but are looking into microwave
Haven't found much information on the internet about what people
think about these products.

Thanks for any information you have.

Dawn R Bugge
Seattle Histology Laboratory
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