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From:"Kellar, Eric C"

Cell content of mouse bone marrow:

Blasts						<1%
Promyelocytes, myelocytes			10%
Metamyelocytes, band neutrophils, segs	24%
Eosinophils					 3%
Monocytes-macrophage			10%
Erythroblasts					20%
Lymphocytes					32%
Megakaryocytes				<1%

Approximately 99% of cells in the marrow are recognizable precursors of red blood cells, granulocytes, monocytes and B lymphocytes. Other cells in the marrow are blast cells ~1%, which ultimately give rise to the morphologically recognizable precursors. The whole marrow of mice contains ~16x10(9) cells per kg body weight, similar to that of humans. Reticulocytes are released from bone marrow after 2 to 3 days and circulate for an additional 1 or 2 days before maturing into an erythrocyte. 
Marrow erythron content -
* rubriblasts = 1% or less 
* prorubricytes = 1 to 4% 
* rubricytes = 10 to 20% 
* metarubricytes = 5 to 10% 
About 1% of the circulating erythrocyte mass is generated by the marrow each day so that on a given day there should be 1% reticulocytes in the peripheral blood. These replace the 1% of the erythrocyte mass that dies of old age each day. N:C ratio decreases. The rubriblast and prorubricyte have an N:C ratio of 4:1; the rubricyte and metarubricyte N:C ratio is 1:1. 
Hope this helps!
Eric C. Kellar
Quest Diagnostics 
Histology Laboratory Supervisor
South Florida

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Dear All,

I know this may be an unanswerable question but does anyone know what 
percentage of the cells in bone marrow are mature erythrocytes and 
what percentage are erythroblasts?  (in normal marrow)  I'm really 
interested in mouse bone marrow, but if anyone knows the numbers for 
human or any other species that would at least help me to guesstimate 
the numbers for mouse.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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