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Depending upon the quality of the paraffin used, most blocks can now be cut
at room temperature with very little noticeable difference to the sectioner.
However, I agree that some tissues section better when cooled. Therefore we
either simply refridgerate the blocks before sectioning for 15 so minutes,
or we use the cold plate from the paraffin blocker for a minute or two.

For drying slides (I assume your referrence is for the waterbath and not for
water in the paraffin and tissues), we gennerally leave the slides to dry
for a couple of hours where possible. As with the earlier response given, we
are small research/diagnostics lab and do everything manually. Once the
slides have dried (or nearly dried) we bake the slides for 15 minutes
(longer for damp slides, 30 minutes). This should be good for the automated


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1. How long should tissue paraffin blocks should be soaked in ice before
sectioning tissue with microtome?
2. How long should slides stay in oven to dry before they are put in
automated stainer?
Please let me know....

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