[Histonet] baking bone slides for heat retrieval techniques?

From:"Kang, Joseph J"

There have been many shared methods for adhering bone sections to slides
and I have probably used them all at one time or another. In my
experience it is best to avoid HIER on bone for IHC although I am sure
many people do it successfully. I use enzyme digestion instead of heat
retriveal for bone IHC (either Proteinase K or Pepsin in most cases). In
my hands EIER is more easily controlled and less harsh on tissues than
HIER. If I had to use HIER on bone I would choose a more gentle method
such as steam rather than boiling. My one cent worth. Patsy Ruegg 

I pulled your message above from Histonet archive and was wondering if
you could help me with bone IHC issue.
I have been experimenting with bone IHC using different drying times,
heat temperatures and using antigen retrieval using the heat and enzyme
method. The enzyme method was the only one that kept complete integrity
of tissue section, but with no stain.
Could you share with me any bone IHC protocol that you use applying the
enzyme method that works very well with bone tissue?
I really appreciate it.

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