[Histonet] Re: Histonet Digest, Vol 43, Issue 38

From:"Emily Sours"

When we paraffin section stage 24 to 31 chick embryos (which are
relatively small from what I know of most sectioning), we leave the
blocks overnight at room temperature after embedding and until
sectioning.  Sometimes we place them at 4C until we section, but I've
never noticed a difference between the two temperatures after
Because we are a research lab, we don't have the same deadlines as a
pathology lab, so
we leave our paraffin blocks around indefinitely--this may make a difference.
After sectioning, though, we store our slides at 4C because this
supposedly helps them keep better.
We do not have an automated stainer, but we usually don't let slides
dry when paraffin sectioned because they are already dry.  If you're
worried about sections falling off, you can heat them on a slide
warmer at 37C for 15 minutes.  This shouldn't be necessary though,
since your slides don't have water in them from the paraffin

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