[Histonet] RE: microglia in mouse brains

From:"Carl Hobbs"

I understand that the Antigen is designated as F4/80 and BM8 is but a clone 
designation of a monoclonal against a part of the F4/80 Ag?
I tried BM8 on pwax rat/mouse brains and it was negative. Perhaps it does 
not work in that particular application or, according to AbDSerotec, clone 
BM8 is reported not to identify microglia, unlike the "original " Ab against 
F4/80, clone C1:A3-1.
I have not yet tried the latter.
However, any comments regarding microglial staining  in mouse/rat brains( 
p.wax sections, after HIER) of Wako's Iba1 Ab 01-19741, would be 
Please see here  http://www.immunoportal.com/index.php
for pics.
Navigate to Image gallery and search for "microglia" and then "Wako", for 
Also, I noted that an anti p-tyrosine Ab ( p-tyr) seems to be highly 
selective for microglia, in the same application; ( please see same 
site/Image gallery for pics, also.
Any expert comments on these pics would be most welcome.
If there are any, perhaps you would be kind enough to post your comments in 
that forum, also?
I am a "jack-of-all trades"  Histologist/Immunohistologist , rather than an 
expert in any particular field.

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