[Histonet] Nuclear artefact II

From:"Gale, Nadia"

I've looked at everyone's suggestions/comments and am sad to report that
I cannot get rid of the nuclear "bubble" artefact from our slides.
I have tried
- decreasing water bath temp
- increasing/decreasing drying oven time before H&E staining
- varying fixation times in formalin
I am currently trying
- decreasing drying oven temperature
- changing the "wrap" that I use for the biopsies when grossing
- looking at our wax times on the processor
I agree with Bob that it's extremely frustrating that our community
cannot seem to agree on a common cause for this (what I am now
realizing) common artefact.
I'll keep you posted with my results.
Thank you so much for all of your ideas and help with this, I am most
Nadia Gale
Centre for Translational and Applied Genomics (CTAG)
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